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Injection of a neighborhood anesthetic into your epidural space from the backbone to stop or eliminate pelvic discomfort.

The entire process of transforming or coding info to really make it unreadable to anyone apart from All those possessing Specific information or The important thing to decrypt the info.

A situation wherein a blood clot sorts in a very major vein that returns blood flow within the extremities back again to the heart and lungs. Such a clot may possibly develop big enough to wholly block the vein or can pose a significant danger if Element of it breaks off and travels on the lungs.

Among two feminine reproductive glands that incorporate the ova, or eggs, that happen to be produced all through ovulation; the fallopian tubes link the ovaries as well as the uterus.

The elimination of cells from your surface or inside of a lady’s cervix for examination below a microscope; utilized to support detect cervical cancer. papilloma

Imaging anatomical info from a cross-sectional airplane of your body, Each and every image generated by a pc synthesis of x-ray transmission info acquired in a variety of directions within a offered plane.

Considered one of a pair of neck veins that acquire blood with the Mind and facial area and convey it toward the center.

A ballooning out with the wall of an artery inside the Mind; it may direct the vessel to rupture and bleed closely.

A cobalt-sixty centered radiation therapy machine employed to take care of Mind tumors and abnormalities. The Gamma Knife delivers 201 beams of very centered gamma rays to the remedy internet site. Begin to see the Gamma Knife web page For extra facts.

A malignant tumor, typically from the pores and skin, that develops Visit this site from a pigmented lesion above a period of months or decades.

A surgical technique by which a percentage of the diseased esophagus nearby lymph nodes and the diseased Component of the abdomen are eradicated as well as the remaining esophagus is reconnected to your stomach utilizing a plastic tube or Component of the affected individual’s gastrointestinal (GI) tract. esophagoscope

An irregular audio listened to when listening by using a stethoscope in excess of an organ or blood vessel like the carotid artery while in the neck.

A series of hollow organs joined in a long, twisting tube in the mouth to your anus that is a component with the digestive method, a posh process that enables the human body to stop working and take in food items and reduce squander.

A surgical technique accustomed to diagnose cervical cancer that will involve removing of a cone-shaped wedge of tissue within the cervix.

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